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Wine portfolio

AOC Alsace

There are endless opportunities to enjoy friendly moments. It is as simple as the pleasure of good company or the subtle combination of good food and good wine. 
AOC Alsace wines are the perfect partner for a pleasant moment of sharing. They are made from the traditional Alsace varietals and are therefore easily approachable. Whites, reds in either fruity, dry or richer styles – there is something for everyone in this range of wines. 
ALSACE Riesling 2016
The perfect wine to enjoy with mussels 'marinières', baked fish parcels, a raclette, a cheese or meat fondue, stewed meats or grilled poultry dishes. There is an underlying minerality on the finish.
ALSACE Gewurztraminer 2016
The perfect apéritif wine to get your appetite going, or for the end of your meal paired with a Munster or a fresh fruit salad.
L’éclat = the burst, the rock shard, the splinter, the shine …
It is a dry, fresh and crisp wine with briliance and fruitiness.
Blend based on riesling.
L’aplomb = vertical, solid, regular, stable
It is a balanced, soft and round wine with moderate acidity
Blend based on pinot.

L’arabesque = wisps, volutes, oriental, jazzy, fanciful
It is an off-dry, structured, tasty, spicy and very fruity wine
Gewurztraminer based blend.
ALSACE L'ÉTOFFE Pinot Noir 2016
The perfect partner for grilled meats and soft cheeses such as Camembert and Brie. It is also a good match for middle eastern dishes such as lamb tajines and couscous.