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Alsace Côte de Rouffach & Crémant d'Alsace Brut

Celebrate an occasion or enjoy a festive moment with friends and family by taking the time to prepare a special meal accompanied by a unique wine of mineral character, which bears the stamp of its terroir. Taste, sensations and conversations will make it an occasion to remember. 
The mosaic of ALSACE CÔTE DE ROUFFACH terroirs create wines that communicate their distinctive character and minerality. For a planned or spontaneous celebration, a Rieflé AOC CREMANT D’ALSACE BRUT is the perfect choice. Its delicate sparkle will capture the occasion and enhance the unique moment of sharing and pleasure. 
A great match for seafood with iodised flavours such as mussels, oysters and clams, both cooked and uncooked. Also very enjoyable served with a fresh goat's cheese.
This powerful, dry CÔTE DE ROUFFACH can be enjoyed with dishes that are normally reserved for red wine. It is a good match for game and sauce-based dishes and works surprisingly well with a grilled trout with almonds.
ALSACE CÔTE DE ROUFFACH Gewurztraminer 2015
This remarkable CÔTE DE ROUFFACH goes particularly well with exotic and spicy dishes. It is also a surprisingly good match for meat skewers marinaded in olive oil, spices and mint or tandoori chicken with pineapple.
CRÉMANT BRUT Blanc de Blancs
An excellent apéritif wine that can also be served with a meal. C'est un excellent vin d'apéritif mais il peut également accompagner un repas.