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Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Alsace Grand Cru Steinert Riesling 2013

Score : 89+ points
The most prominent single vineyard of the former Domaine Rieflé is the Grand Cru Steinert, which overlooks the village of Pfaffenheim where the family holds 65 ares. It is based on an oolitic limestone massif that is scarcely covered by topsoil in several places. Whereas Riesling is planted on the uppermost part of the cru, Pinot Gris likes it halfway down on the flattest parts.
The 2012 Domaine Rieflé Riesling Grand Cru Steinert opens with pleasant herbal and lemony aromas along with yellow stone fruit flavors and a touch of honey and caramel. It is dull-bodied, intense and juicy, with white nectarines and some dried and candied fruit flavors on the palate.
This dry, very mineral and firmly structured
Riesling is still tart, slightly bitter and grasped by its tannins, but this is nothing but a good sign for an excellent aging potential and further development.
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